Keith B Llama TattooKeith B custom tattoo machines are all created by hand, in house. Every part is meticulously machined and fitted to create not only an eye-pleasing machine, but one that will be a pleasure to use on a daily basis. Keith B has been tattooing for over 18 years.  That time in the chair and wanting something more is what drove him to build a better tattoo machine. A machine with range, balance, reliability, and beautifully powder coated or raw finishes.

With a strong mechanical background, Keith has always been able to tweak and improve everything he’s been involved with, from BMX bikes and guitars to seriously fast cars and motorcycles. Unhappy with tweaking the drawer full of tattoo machines he currently had, he sat down and looked at a few of his machines. Keith tried to figure out how to make them run smoother and feel more balanced to get rid of that “boat anchor” feeling. Along with the suggestions and critiquing from a few very credibly skilled colleagues, a custom tattoo machine was made to perform as it should when you are working, allowing you to focus on your tattoo and not tinkering with your machine. Controlling every aspect, from Tig welding frames, to bolt up carbon fiber, from binding posts to hand cut coil cores,  Keith ensures quality-control in the finished product.

Disclaimer:  KeithB tattoo machines are only sold to professional tattoo artists. You must be working in an accredited tattoo shop and be able to verify this to purchase tattoo machines. Pro’s Only!