Steve Martin

Steve Tattoos at Black 13 Tattoo in Nashville, Tennessee.

What is your all-time favorite movie?

American History X would have to be my number one. Shows how to overcome.

What are you passionate about?

Passionate. Mainly my family. Tattooing. As bodybuilding.

Coffee, tea or Coca-Cola?

Water. Duh. Haha

What has Influenced your career?

I would have to say my biggest influences would have to be most of these guys in the site with me. Everyone has had an impact. Other than that. Photography. Capturing a moment in a piece I work. Even if it’s a name. It all captures something

What is your morning routine?

Morning routine?  Haha. Wake up. Eat a crap ton if egg whites. Cook all my meals for the day and play with the kids and dog.

If you could interview one person, who would it be and why?

Keith b. cuz everyone wants to know about the man behind all this madness.

Best advise you can give a new apprentice:
Best advice. Work work work. You can only get outta of this business what you are willing to put in.